I am currently completing my honours year project at Massey University, and I am exploring how communications design can equip Millennial dads with tools and support networks during the challenging time of early fatherhood. The images below are a apart of my research Dossier, which demonstrates my research and development process, my insights and ideation. This project is currently in the design stage and I will be making changes and adding additional progress works on this page.

Postnatal Depression (PND) is an mental illness that is largely known to affect mothers, but what many don't know is that dads are also affected by this illness also, and there is a lack of resource and help available for dads. My current aim is to empower dads by equipping them with tools that will help them during the early stages of being a new dad.
Research and Development
To gain a true insight into a new dad's life, I had conversation with dads from different demographics and psychograhics to learn about their experience. Through anecdotal research and engaging with my intended audience, I found that there is really anything that can truly prepare you for parenthood, and I also found that dad is often left out of the conversation. Unlike mums who has available resources such as midwife check ups, and follow ups visits from Plunket, dads don't have the same support service during the challenging time of fatherhood, dads rarely gets asked about their well-being and their experience of being a new dad.
Research and development proposal​​​​​​​
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