Parkd is a project which aims to help Wellingtonians drivers to find affordable and available parking. Parking is in Wellington city can be very time consuming, and can bring a lot of stress to drivers. With Wellington city council recently confirming the cancellation of free weekend parking, the parking cost is worrying the Wellington student drivers. Our service Parkd aim to lead drivers to their parking location instead of their destination, making the parking process less time consuming for city dwellers. 

This project is a collaborative work with Alistair Graham (developer), Leyton Blackler (developer), 
Olivia Morrison (developer), Sam Ong (developer), Shaika Khan (developer) and Vanessa Thornton (Mentor). During the Summer of Tech event Create Camp, our team designed and built a minimal viable product over the course of a weekend, during this process I contributed by working on audience research, validation for our idea, UI/UX design, branding (including logo deisgn), and our presentation. As a result of our final presentation of our project and product, our project Parkd was awarded for the best UI/UX design.
Documentation of the event 
Design Statement
The Big Idea
Validation & Process
User Persona
User Journey
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